Smooth tuck: a sculpted waistline, fast

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

Smooth tuck: a sculpted waistline, fast

Smooth tuck: a sculpted waistline, fastThe Doctors recently featured a surgeon who claimed credit for a combination cosmetic procedure developed to flatten and sculpt the waistline at a single go. The “Smooth Tuck” combines liposuction and abdominoplasty, that’s a tummy tuck, to deliver the firm, flat stomach that so many women crave. The combination procedure is far from new, however, and while a brief mention on television and a catchy name like “Smooth Tuck” has launched the procedure into celebrity status, many “doctors next door” have been performing it for years.

Surgeons who didn’t receive their primary training in the last fifteen to twenty years still consider many combination procedures, including the “Smooth Tuck,” too dangerous to perform. Performing two separate procedures at once, according to some, increases the risk of tissue damage as well as the likelihood of a slow healing process. Theoretically, these are very real risks, but doctors who have benefited from the most modern training techniques understand that these risks can be managed safely for some patients.

So is the combination procedure for you? The best plastic surgeons weigh the appropriateness of each procedure on a case by case basis. That’s because the same surgeries have different results with different patients owing to the patient’s general health, rate of recovery, age, body type, etc. If you’re interested, the best thing to do is find a plastic surgeon with plenty of experience in both procedures.

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