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Breast Implants

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If you look at yourself in the mirror and are either unhappy with the size of your breasts or one breast didn’t grow at the same rate as the other, you shouldn’t have to live with breasts that you are unhappy with. At Mommy Makeover Hawaii, Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger wants to provide his Breast Implant Honolulu, Hawaii patients with the information and support they need to select the best implant for their aesthetic goals. To learn a little more about breast implants, please read below.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are saline- or silicone-filled inserts that are surgically implanted into a patient’s chest area. Breast implants can give small breasts more volume and a more symmetrical look. Today’s implants are proven to be safe, and can effectively improve your appearance.

The breast implant procedure is not undertaken solely to increase breast size. Some women lose one or both of their breasts to cancer and undertake the implant procedure to reconstruct their breasts. And, some women suffer from breasts that are not symmetrical.

Implants can impart a more youthful appearance to your breasts and your overall body. Not every patient is eligible for breast implants. You should schedule a free consultation with S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS at one of his three Hawaii office locations to determine if this surgery is right for you.

What are the Benefits of Breast Implants?

Some of the benefits our Hawaii Breast Implant patients have seen from their procedure include:

  • Better-looking breasts after pregnancy
  • Improved breast symmetry
  • Increased wardrobe options
  • Long-lasting results
  • More attractive cleavage
  • Provides higher self-esteem and improved confidence
  • Youthful appearance

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Implants?

The best candidates for Breast Implants in Hawaii are consenting adults (18 years old for saline-filled implants, 22 years for silicone-filled), being in overall good health, close to their target weight, and maintaining realistic expectations and a positive attitude during recovery. Good candidates are also those who are:

  • Interested in regaining a youthful appearance to breasts that have lost volume and shape due to the natural aging process
  • Looking to increase volume in naturally small breasts
  • Need symmetry to disproportionately shaped breasts
  • Would like to restore fullness to the breasts that may have been lost following pregnancy or weight loss

First Steps

What’s the first step?

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The first step in getting Breast Implants is to contact Mommy Makeover Hawaii and schedule an appointment. During your initial consultation, you and S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS will discuss the size of implants you desire. Dr. Schlesinger will ensure that you have realistic expectations for implant size since the size will be limited by your body type and structure. There are two main types of breast implants you can choose saline or silicone. Dr. Schlesinger will consult with you about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you to determine the best one for you.

You will be asked questions pertaining to your medical history so that Dr. Schlesinger will be able to make appropriate surgical decisions and avoid any unnecessary risks. This is why it’s very important to be open and honest with him when having your consultation. After he has the information he needs, Dr. Schlesinger will write up your surgical plan, and if you agree with it, our Patient Coordinator will work with you to schedule your procedure.


What to Expect on the Day of Breast Implants

On the day of your Breast Implant surgery, you will first be placed under anesthesia. Depending on what is discussed during your consultation, this could be through intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Once you are properly sedated, Dr. Schlesinger will make strategic incisions where he will be able to insert the implant, which is usually through the armpit, around the areola, or underneath the curvature of your breast. Again, the incision will depend on what is discussed, as well as whether the implant will be placed under or on top of your chest muscle. Finally, Dr. Schlesinger will close the incision with sutures or medical tape, and your chest will be wrapped with gauze to minimize swelling.

Breast Implants Recovery

Dr. Schlesinger performs his Breast Implant surgeries as outpatient procedures, so you will be able to leave and recover at home after your surgery. You should have an adult friend or family member available to drive you home and help you with ordinary tasks the first day or so. You will need to avoid heavy lifting for 2 weeks. Be sure to have purchased new bras and tops since after the surgery, you will no longer be able to wear your smaller sizes. Your results will be immediately visible, however, you can expect there to be some swelling and bruising for the first week or so. Most patients will see their final results around six weeks after the implant has the opportunity to settle into its final resting state.

What is the cost?

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in Hawaii?

The cost of Breast Implants in Hawaii is based on multiple factors, including the size, shape, and material used for your implant surgery. Once Dr. Schlesinger creates your surgical plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to take that information and use it to provide you with a price breakdown.

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Why Choose Dr. Schlesinger?

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger is a board-certified plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of plastic surgery experience in Hawaii. He has performed more than 20,000 plastic surgery procedures, with his results proving him to be one of the best plastic surgeons in Hawaii, as well as the rest of the country. Dr. Schlesinger is passionate about aesthetic plastic surgery because it empowers people to reach their full potential. By helping patients achieve their desired body goals, Dr. Schlesinger enables them to redirect their energy toward enjoying relationships with friends and family, pursuing career goals, and engaging in hobbies and activities that bring them joy.

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Whether you’re looking for larger breasts, a more youthful-looking decolletage, or would like to improve asymmetrical breasts, Breast Implants in Hawaii by Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger could be perfect for you. To schedule your consultation, call Mommy Makeover Hawaii at (808) 517-5076 or use our website to request an appointment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve the bust that you want!

More than 28k+ patients worldwide have placed their trust in Dr. Schlesinger.

  • Intelligent423125
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    Everything went well and I am very pleased with my results. Process from beginning to end was great. Staff showed compassion and skill. Surgeon showed great follow-up care with more than just one visit.

  • Marylan54
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    At seven weeks post op……I can say I’m pretty happy with my revision! They have settled well and look so natural. I’m so glad it finally happened. Now on to my 50 year high school reunion!! I wonder if anyone will notice?

  • Kendra C.
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    I love the staff, the office, the nurses and everything about Dr. Schlesinger!!! He is very knowledgeable about the procedures and makes sure you are as well. Hands down the best experience I’ve had with minimal down time after my procedure.

  • Amanda V
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    By far the best plastic surgeon, I mean his work is Hollywood perfection. Day 1 post-op I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes, Dr. Schlesinger completely transformed my body. I was already 100% satisfied with my body even with all the swelling. He’s very dedicated to his work and enjoys changing people’s lives. His staff is very sweet and professional. Thank you for all that you do!

  • BoBo B.
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    Dr. Schlesinger is awesome. Had some work done and he exceeded my expectations, more than happy. Staff were very friendly and approachable. Larry was always available via phone call to address any concerns or questions. Dr. Schlesinger and his team are the best!

  • Dan C.
    Real Patient
    5 Star Review

    Being a man and having gynecomastia can be very embarrassing but his office and staff always made me feel very comfortable about the procedure that I needed to have done. It’s been a few months since my surgery and I’m very happy with the results, I can no longer feel embarrassed about taking off my shirt or going to the beach. The psychological relief has made all the difference in the world. Thank you Dr Schlesinger.

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