New filler techniques may help postpone face-lift operations

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

New filler techniques may help postpone face-lift operations

New filler techniquesA shallowing or hollowing appearance of the areas around the cheeks, eyes and temples are some of the most prominent signs of aging. While a variety of procedures are available to counteract these developments, opinions differ substantially on the overall best method of achieving lasting, natural looking results. Doctors often use fillers, fat injections, implants and the like to fill out thinning areas around the face, but results vary as fillers and implants tend to shift and settle in ways that can look less than natural.

According to a recent PRWeb report, a Doctor Val Lambros, M.D., believes he may have come across a dependable solution for delivering natural looking, properly distributed fillers in traditionally difficult to treat areas of the face such as the temples. A study he authored earlier this year outlines a new approach in which highly diluted hyaluronic acid is used to fill facial zones affected by visible signs of aging.

The study discusses the treatment’s application to forty patients over a period of a year and a half, and claims the results in each case bore a smooth, natural look that left patients happily surprised. The smooth, regular results, according to Dr. Lambros, are due to an even distribution of the filler material effected by a steady absorption of the saline element in his injection.

Lambros said that his patients were highly satisfied with the treatment, and that not one of them requested a reversal of the filler treatment.

“This is a minimally-invasive procedure that can make a big difference in the patient’s efforts to minimize the appearance of aging,” said Lambros.

While conventional face-lifts still deliver the most radical, long lasting results, plastic surgeons like Lambros often suggest less invasive, simpler procedures like the use of fillers for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and hollow, thinning areas of the face.

Filler treatments are incredibly cost effective compared to face-lifts, they are often reversible, and they require virtually no recovery time. The effects of many fillers last anywhere from about one to three years, which makes them a great short-term to mid-term solution.

“In my practice,” says Lambros, “I emphasize giving my patients a natural-looking result that — in some cases — may call for fillers as opposed to surgery.”

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