Men warming up to plastic surgery, says ASPS

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

Men warming up to plastic surgery, says ASPS

Men warming up to plastic surgery, says ASPSThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently released statistics which suggest men are beginning to warm up to plastic surgery. While men have always made up a notable portion of all cosmetic surgery patrons, women are far and away more likely to consult a plastic surgeon than their less image focused counterparts. That, however, may be beginning to change.

“The growth in cosmetic surgical procedures for men may be a product of our aging baby boomers who are now ready to have plastic surgery,” said Phillip Haeck, MD., ASPS President, according to a recent report by Science Daily. He described how non-invasive procedures like Botox treatments have probably worked for the baby boomer generation up until now, but that at a certain age only surgical procedures will produce desirable results.

“As you age and gravity takes over,” says Haeck, “surgical procedures that lift the skin are necessary in order to show significant improvement.”

Face lifts and otoplasty, or ear surgery, were among the most popular procedures for men in 2010.

Many plastic surgeons report that regular, working men are beginning to feel more comfortable with plastic surgery. Men who work hard to stay in shape and truly value their health sometimes opt for cosmetic procedures in order to look as good as they feel.

While specific procedures like face lifts saw an incredible rise of fourteen percent in 2010, the overall increase in cosmetic procedures performed on men in 2010 rose a less stunning two percent. Still, that’s more than a million more procedures than the previous year, which spells better business for plastic surgeons and younger, healthier looking bodies for today’s middle-aged men.

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