Doctor pioneers stem-cell face lift

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

Doctor pioneers stem-cell face lift

Doctor pioneersDr. Nathan Newman, MD, a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Beverly Hills area, is continuing to develop his innovative new treatments for scar repair, abnormality correction and cosmetic rejuvenation. His proprietary treatments introduce stem cells carefully harvested from a patient’s own body into the locales of their specific treatment such as the face, neck, or the site of a scar or other unsightly damage. The stem cells are prepared in a fatty solution extracted from the patient’s body which acts as a naturally effective filler. The result is exciting: not only does the fatty filler help to smooth lines and plump hollowed skin, the stem cells also work to rejuvenate old, damaged tissues and restore youthful beauty.

Stem cells, according to Dr. Newman, naturally repair damaged tissues as well as muscles and cartilage. This makes them an ideal additive to a fatty filler whose primary role is to restore a youthful, healthy and energetic glow to a specific area of the body. While Dr. Newman is certainly making a name for himself in the world of stem cell fillers, doctors across the nation are beginning to provide variations of these exciting new treatments to their patients.

“The Stem Cell Lift,” says Dr. Newman of one of his proprietary treatments, “is a natural and safe method of harnessing the power of stem cells, which are genetically programmed to repair and rejuvenate damaged cells, tissue, muscle, cartilage and even bone.”

Stem cell fillers can be used in all sorts of cosmetic procedures, but their popularity as a sort of face lift alternative is perhaps the fastest growing. “Stem cell lifts” help to imbue a patient’s face with a healthy, beaming glow while tightening skin, plumping hollow areas and restoring naturally beautiful proportions to the face. Patients and doctors alike are impressed with the procedure’s relative simplicity, safety, longevity and quick recovery time compared to a traditional face lift.

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