BOTOX could become better regulated

By S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS

BOTOX could become better regulated

BotoxBOTOX is among the top used anti-aging treatments in the world. Last year almost two and a half million people were injected with the fast acting substance in order to achieve a smoother, more youthful appearance.

It’s no surprise the treatment is so popular. Between its wide availability, its proven, near instant efficacy, and its incredibly affordable cost — around $400 per treatment — it makes sense that nearly one in every one hundred and thirty Americans has used BOTOX to put off the signs of aging for another year or two.

One concern about the wrinkle erasing substance, however, is that just about anyone can legally administer it even though doing so requires multiple injections delivered to sensitive, nerve-rich areas of the face. The potential for mistakes is such that botched BOTOX treatments have become a trendy mode of gossip around the country. For every couple of hundred treatments, someone ends up with less-than-desirable results.

While BOTOX itself is a controlled substance — meaning only a doctor can purchase it — anyone is permitted to administer it regardless of their qualifications. That may be about to change.

“There’s no set or approved curriculum or licensure or anything for that,” says Dr. Lori Stetler who practices out of Dallas. She went on to express concern about the potential mistakes that could result from untrained or poorly trained technicians delivering the treatments.

The Texas Medical Board is set to discuss the further regulation of BOTOX delivery this week. One possibility is that BOTOX delivery will be limited to doctors, nurses and doctor’s assistants — a big step towards safer administration of the youth restoring treatment. If new regulations are passed in Texas, a tighter control of the substance may catch on in larger spheres around the country.

“I like the idea,” says Dr. Stetler of the medical board’s considerations, “that they are looking into and hopefully will get rid of some of those people who are harming the public.”

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