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V.C. Testimonial

I went to Dr. Schlesinger for a Mommy Makeover surgery package (Breast Augmentation, Lipo, and Tummy Tuck) and could not be any more satisfied with the results. Dr. Schlesinger and his staff are friendly, professional, and honest. Dr. Schlesinger provided an in depth pre op consultation that lead to the right decisions for surgeries specially tailored to my body type and desired outcome. After my two pregnancies, I had extra skin and stretch marks that could not be worked out regardless of my efforts; I was told by my primary care physician and obgyn that no amount of exercise would get rid of it. Dr. Schlesinger was able to give me a great body and I feel and look great. I can finally go to the beach in a bikini! I would definitely recommend him.

L.K. Testimonial

I did not personally receive a surgical procedure from Dr. Schlesinger. I am though extremely grateful for not only his skills as a surgeon, but how he is an exemplification of what a Medical Specialist should be. I find Dr. Larry Schlesinger to be a consummate practioner of giving of one’s self for the benefit of others. My beautiful wife required a procedure many years ago that left her somewhat disfigured. She felt that the time had come for that to, again, be corrected. Dr. Schlesinger expertly confirmed what my wife saw in herself. Primarily not what what my wife thought needed to be corrected, but the special beauty of who my wife is a person. My wife had appointments with Dr. Schlesinger for over a year before her just completed surgery. Before he ever performed the surgery for my wife he continuously made her feel good about herself. Most of us go to, or come from a Doctor feeling; nervous, scared, uncomfortable, perhaps even worse. My wife had an extra lift in her spirit each time she returned from her appointment with Dr. Schlesinger. That is one of the things that make him so much more than a surgeon. He is dedicated to giving of himself to make others feel better. Keep in mind in this profession not every successful procedure is bragged about to others by the recipient! I found Dr. Schlesinger to convey an extraordinary amount of humility for someone so successful in his profession. Do some research on Dr. Schlesinger. You will find not only exemplary reviews of his skills as a surgeon, but if you look beyond that, you will see, just a portion as to how much this man has given back to people in need. If you or a loved one are considering a procedure, you can not find a more qualified, confident, specialist in the Medical field than Dr. Larry Schlesinger. He has never performed a medical procedure on me, but I feel better just having gotten to know him, and see how he represents his profession. For the record, the surgery Dr. Schlesinger performed for my wife was completed perfectly. Her follow-up appointments and healing process have gone exactly as he predicted. We are both enriched for her having chosen Dr. Larry Schlesinger.

J.B. Testimonial

As an adult it is very hard to make me say “wow”, Dr. Schlesinger has done this. Saying he is just an excellent surgeon would not allow a new potential patient to clearly understand him and the service he provides. I went into the office expecting to have my sugery and be on my way, it has been almost a year and I am still attending doctor visits, not because I have issues but because that is a service he offers his patients. I can feel confident about the decision I made to have this surgery because he is taking the extra time to make sure I am healing properly. I had two other consultations before feeling confident about Dr. Schlesinger. When you are making a life changing decision like this you want to feel comfortable and know that you are in good hands….Dr. Schlesinger provides that kind of service!

K.P. Testimonial

After a few previous consultations, I decided on Dr. Schlesinger for my Mommy Makeover. I needed a breast reduction, lift, augmentation, lipo, and tummy tuck. Having had lower abdomen lipo done after my 1st baby (by a different Dr), the results were horrendous, and the care after was extremely limited. The care I receive from Dr. Schlesinger IS amazing- knowing that Dr. Schlesinger makes himself available, either by phone or appointment, should something come up, is very reassuring. Dr. Schlesinger is extremely knowledgeable, patient (even when dealing with a hypochondriac like me), and very easy to talk to. The fact that he truly LOVES what he does is apparent in the way he tends to patients and the beautiful, natural results that he achieves. His staff is very friendly and they treat you more like a friend, rather than just a patient. If you’re looking for the best, Dr. Schlesinger is it!

Cat T. Testimonial

I had a breast augmentation done and they went from tubular looking to fabulous celebrity style looking. I’m in the military so I needed to look natural. When I first called the office I was amazed of how helpful the receptionist was and how uplifting she was on the phone and in person. I just love the staff there. I felt so at home there and they new my name in a friendly way. Dr. Schlesinger was open to everything I had to say and how I felt about the procedure. He is so kind and treats everyone like a friend and not just as a patient. This is the most unsuperficial and unranting plastic surgeon I have ever met; he had me at hello. The staff were always on standby for anything needed at any time. Men and women, if you want a very artistic, creative, and warm hearted plastic surgeon with awesome staff that will make you how you want and feel at home please go see Dr. Schlesinger. Yes, very military friendly.

S.L. Testimonial

I would highly recommend Dr. Schlesinger’s office. He is considerate, approachable, and knowledgeable about the latest procedures and technology. I am very satisfied with my surgery results. In addition, his office staff is always friendly and kind. I plan on coming back in the future if I ever need another procedure.

Jadyn R. Testimonial

I am extremely happy with my whole experience. I would recommend dr schlesinger to my family and friends.

S.H. Testimonial

Dr Schlesinger is wonderful. He is very friendly and efficient in helping me as a patient. I have recently recommended two of my friends to him and they are now patients of Dr Schlesinger and has done a great job!

S.P. Testimonial

I absolutely love my mommy makeover.. Dr. S. and the team was there to comfort and answer all of my questions. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about getting this procedure…it has helped me get my body and self confidence back..

D.S. Testimonial

Thank you so much for all your kindness and generosity.

K.S. Testimonial

We would like to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude for a job well done. The surgical procedure achieved a very desirable result, and your professionalism, sensitivity and accessibility throughout the entire process were very much appreciated. Your individualized and personal approach was especially important to our family. We would also like to thank your entire staff, who consistently treated us with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency, and we can only conclude that your offices operate by the same principles by which you live your life.

Thank you for making a difference in the life of a sixteen year old young woman. In the most comprehensive manner, our experience with you as a surgeon and as a human being has been a pleasure.

E.F. and S.G. Testimonial

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff. We are so impressed with the results of your work, graciousness, and overall performance. Our experience with the Brest Implant Center was remarkable! We could not have asked for better services. From the moment we walked in the door, we felt welcomed. Your team has a wonderful balance of professionalism and sociability. The values of your practice enable you to effectively meet the needs of your patients.As we reflect on our surgical procedure with you and your staff, we have nothing but pleasurable recollections, astounding results, and much thankfulness.

Thank you Dr. Schlesinger and the staff of the Breast Implant Center! We appreciate all of your hard work, and look forward to working with you in the future.

R.L. Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did for me, you have totally transformed my body into something I truly love and can be proud of. You were able to take away the fatty areas that I could not get rid of with diet and exercise and you completely took away the cellulite! I was so self conscious every time I wore a bathing suit and hated having cellulite when I’m only 25–it was so horrible. I tried every treatment I could think of, from lotions to a procedure that cost $1,500 dollars. None of it worked but after the procedure with you, though, the cellulite is 100% gone! My body is slim and perfect and it’s all thanks to you. You and your staff made the whole thing a very wonderful experience for me and I can’t thank you enough for the perfect body you have given me!

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